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the many dangers of hmi

Almost every modern product, from food service machines to production line equipment to smart building controls is adopting rich graphic/touch LCD user interfaces. Engineers are bombarded with marketing hype on how some chip or library or tool can make this transition easy and quick. Unfortunately, most of these so-called “solutions” are merely small building blocks in a much larger and disruptive platform technology and engineering challenge. Don’t embark on your HMI voyage without attending this session! We’ve seen innumerable epic HMI failures – let us help you avoid some of the common ones as we walk you through elements to consider and evaluate before you set sail.

Key Take-A-Ways

  • Define the building blocks of the modern HMI platform
  • Business and marketing inputs that can torpedo your plan
  • How “free” can be disastrously expensive
  • A list of essential HMI decisions you should make before you start 

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