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Create a GUI in 60 Seconds


Did you know that you can create your first GUI and have it running on a real device in less than 60 seconds? Just watch us show you how!


Unpack the Box Model


Now that you understand Pages, discuss coding-free boxes. The box model is one of the most useful concepts in SHIPTide. Boxes are generic containers that can be a display objects, page objects, frame objects, or full feature box objects with a variety of properties. This video gives you a tour of the basic capabilities of a "box" to create a great looking layout.  

App Note #: AN0304
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Develop Stateful Page Navigation


Already watched our Pages, Headers, and Button training videos listed above? Let's dive into stateful navigation best practices. We'll build on the previous sessions to create a serious of pages and build navigation across those. We'll dive deeper into using listeners and scripts. 

App Note #: AN0307
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Use Layout Rules for Scalable GUIs


We dive into basic layout rules that can allow you to scale your GUI to additional product screen sizes. Creating a scalable GUI from day one will save you a many future headaches and hours. Watch as we explain how we can use layout rules to establish scalable GUIs. 

App Note #: AN0310
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Add Fonts & Basic Codepoints


Learn SHIP font basics in this training session, including adding fonts, instatiating font sizes and styles, and including basic code points. Discover the importance of code points with regard to multiple language font characters. Watch us add a piece of Japanese text and how the codepoints are automatically added to font bitmaps of the project.

You'll have a little homework for further reading to support this training session: 

App Note #: AN0313
SHIPTide Version: All


Create a 360° Gauge in Illustrator


Want to use a gorgeous, animated Gauge in your GUI but don't know how to guide your designer in creating those files? This training session targetted to the graphic designer who's interested in building the images needed to animate a 360° gauge. In minutes, designers can create and export all 360 (one per degree of rotation) transparent 24-bit color PNGs. How? We'll share how you can use an illustrator script

Directly download the illustrator script here. Copy the file into your Just copy this file into your C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\en_US\Scripts directory, and it will now be available in Illustrator under File->Scripts->Save360PNGs.

App Note #: AN0318
SHIPTide Version: All

Use Node Names & References


What's in a name? Learn how to name objects and reference objects from scripts, listeners, and layout rules. We'll cover direct references by name, anonymous reference by node (, and anonymous relative references (e.g. parent.iw). 

Click here for additional notes and related content

App Note #: AN0321
SHIPTide Version: All

A Tour of SHIPTide GUI Software


Get brief overview of key SHIPTide features that empower you to develop powerful UI/GU/UX for your embedded project. Watch as we explain project resources, layouts, project exporting, hardware updates, and more!  

App Note #: AN0301
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.205+


Create Page Headers


Familiar with the box model and pages? We're putting those into a practical reference in this training session. Let's talk about how you can create a header bar on your GUI page by using a series of boxes.  Some companies like to place branding elements like a company logo or tagline in their GUI splash (welcome) page. We'll show you how.

App Note #: AN0305
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Arrange Your SHIPTide Desktop


Let's arrange your SHIPTide desktop for success. This training session will guide you in arranging the windows and panels in SHIPTide to suit your personal preference. We'll show you tips for working with multiple projects and making panes/tabs appear.

App Note #: AN0308
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Add Colors & Transperancy


We explain the basics of color in SHIP and why colors are described using ARGB8888 (alpha-red-green-blue 8 per channel). Learn how SHIPTide functionality allows you to translate CMYK, RGB, and HEX color codes based on your brand preference. Watch as we share how to create transparent color (or change the opacity) at the layout level. Plus, you'll learn how a listener can be programmed to change a color or opacity of an object based on an event. 

App Note #: AN0311
SHIPTide Version: All

Create a Multi-Language GUI


Now that you've descovered the basics to font in an earlier session, we'll explain how to create a multi-language GUI using translated text resources. Learn how you can leverage a touch enabled button to allow users to select the language preference for the user experience (UX) by using variables.   

Make sure to bookmark these useful resources:

App Note #: AN0314
SHIPTide Version: All


Implement Calibration in Resistive Touch SIMs


Some SIMs have resistive screens (for example the SIM231-A01 and SIM231-A03); these come pre-calibrated at the factory. However, resistance can very by screen, so recalibrating each screen at the end user phase can improve the accuracy of a touch event. In order to achieve this, you can implement a series of GUI pages in SHIP to add user-driven re-calibration (reducing the need for a manual). We'll show you how to build the calibration pages and sequence through them. 

Here's a bit of homework for further reading to support this training session: 

App Note #: AN0319
SHIPTide Version: All

Use PowerPoint for Quick Mock Ups


Not a professional graphic designer, but need a quick mockup of your GUI to show off a concept? We'll teach you how to build a mock UI, drawing the GUI screens in PowerPoint. We'll guide you to export them as full-page JPG files, import them to SHIPTIDE, and build a simple slideshow viewer on the device. 

Download and save these templates: 

App Note #: AN0323
SHIPTide Version: All

Introduction to Pages


An introduction to SHIPTide Pages (aka screen layouts) navigation and properties. Laying out your pages is a key first step in beginning your first SHIPTide GUI project. In this training session, we're leveraging our basic template project (included in your SHIPTide download). 

App Note #: AN0302
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Create Touch Enabled-Buttons


Ready to graduate to animated functionality on your GUI? Your users will expect buttons to navigate across your pages. Let's show you how to create animated options using a "button." In it's most basic definition, a button is an area of the screen that does something in response to a touch. We'll show you how to create buttons. We'll also introduce you to creating listeners to specific touch events on your new button. 

App Note #: AN0306
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Introduction to Variables, GUI Events & Indicators


Make sure you've watched Pages and Headers training videos listed above befor you dive into this deeper training. This training session will introduce you to variables, explain how they cause events when they change, and guide on to create listeners to represent those variable changes in any way you want. We'll show you how to create a basic integer variable, initialize it, and watch GUI elements (like text and colors) automatically change to track the variable.

App Note #: AN0309
SHIPTide Version: v5.0.207+


Introduction to Text & Text Properties


Hello World! We're diving into text basics in SHIP. Learn how text colors and alignment are inherited from the parent or overrident in the text node. Discover how to effectively manage a theme of colors of text throughout your pages. 

App Note #: AN0312
SHIPTide Version: All


Prepare Images in Adobe Illustrator


Share this training video with your graphic designer(s)! Many UI concepts begin with Adobe Illustrator files. Exporting these final assets for your GUI scale is essential. We'll walk through best practices in preparing all of those graphic assets (such as navigation icons and vectors). We guide you to export all vector assets as PNGs. We also explain how to upload those assets into your SHIPTide project.

App Note #: AN0315
SHIPTide Version: All


Use Page Navigation Best Practices


Learn how to implement best practices in page navigation and page management using the getChildIndex builtin function. We're sharing an easier way to work with multiple pages. Watch and learn here!

App Note #: AN0320
SHIPTide Version: All